Our mission requires that we develop in all students the foundational skills, core content knowledge, critical ­thinking ability, and personal characteristics necessary to succeed in demanding high schools on their way to college. We can only accomplish this through a highly structured and disciplined environment in which rigorous instruction drives every classroom and frequent assessments allow us to ensure every student is receiving the ongoing academic support necessary for success.

As a college ­preparatory school, the School has the highest academic standards for all students.  It is  expected that students will take challenging classes, complete high­ quality work promptly both at school  and at home, study for and perform well on exams, and receive excellent support from the teaching staff  through after school tutoring and summer school if necessary. The highest effort from students, teachers and parents/guardians is necessary to reach this goal.

Core Subjects

All students at the School take the same set of academic classes based on their ability.  Each student will  be enrolled in 1 Language Arts class (Reading and Writing),​  ​ Math, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Science,  Gym 1/2 and Technology during the year.  General intentions for each core subject are described below. 


Students will receive core instruction daily in Spanish. Students participate in active learning.


Reading proficiency is essential to the mastery of all other academic subjects. Students of the School will graduate reading at or above grade level. Throughout their education, students will read classical texts from diverse cultures in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Students will receive intensive phonics and phonemic awareness instruction to meet the needs of students who are reading below grade level.


Written expression is closely linked with success in college-preparatory and higher education. Students will master the writing of 5-paragraph essays in all five genres: expository, narrative, persuasive, literary response, and correspondence. Student will master grammar and mechanics.


Mathematics is considered the universal language. No matter the student’s life goals, math will be intimately involved. To this end, the School will place a strong emphasis on all children being ready for an advanced math track upon arrival at high school.


Student will study an intensive curriculum of the scientific method, earth, physical, and life sciences, and will design, execute, write and present their own idependent experiments. All science classes will include the Earth Science, Biology, and Physical Science contents included in the ODE standards.

Social Studies

To ensure that graduates of the School have the critical research, thinking, and writing skills necessary for success in a multi-cultural world, all students will study a wide range of historical content and research.

Specialty Subjects

A variety of special subjects are at the heart of Columbus Bilingual Academy North.


Students participate in active learning.


Diversity enrich teaching and learning.